Our Story

Each time I touch or even think about cashmere, ‘love’ is simply what comes to my mind. Out of this encompassing feeling of love and the urge for others to experience it, Milk Cashmere was born, looking to serve a small touch of kindness. My aim is to weave close relationships across the globe between farmers, factories, employees, retailers, customers and Mother Nature.


The starting point is the raw material that is second to none and factories that are absolute masters in their trade. I have built a luxury fashion collection, born of the finest Italian Cashmere, nurtured by the best European craftsmanship; for women, mother and babies everywhere.

Milk Cashmere is proud to be built upon traits of honesty and integrity, something we always return to. We are driven by quality not quantity. Our aim is in giving back to people and the environment, with a respect for good business ethics and the environment.  A love for the fabric, each piece is created with intention and purpose; classic and simple silhouettes as well as modern ones with attention to detail, using only the best raw materials by artisans of the yarn.

A small touch of kindness, from Milk Cashmere to you.

Love, Melanie x