Crafting a more humane future

Being great at something just takes caring and loving for what you do. Excellence is born that way.

At Milk, we love the perfection of cashmere – the soft touch, the warmth, the fineness. And we love working with cashmere. We seek to getting better and better.

But this is not a work we do alone.

By our side, we count on, even depend on the mastery and decades of experience of the finest craftspeople. People who have dedicated a whole life to their craft, who have learned from the words and doings of their parents, who in turn had already dedicated their whole lives to the craft. 

At Milk Cashmere, we value the perfection of construction, the care and dedication to our pieces, the precision of the details and always push for better fitting and new ways of delivering the highest quality knits to our clients. And we know how invaluable craftsmanship is to enable us to achieve all this.  

Only with their art we can bring to life garments that can stand out, that can stand through time, that you can cherish for many long years as a valuable piece. 

And value has to go both ways – the value they deliver, we must give them back. We commit to working only with the best at their craft, and we commit to ensuring that their craft is honoured, that their work is dignified and that the humane touch that they bring to each piece they make is passed on to you. 

We want to thank them all for their dedication and love for their craft, and for helping us bringing to you our joint love for cashmere.

Melanie Costa Leite