Wrap up, then clean up

We want you to have a long standing but low maintenance relationship with your new MILK Cashmere pieces, enjoying them for years and years to come. We gathered our cashmere know how and expertise to bring you an insider’s guide on how to wash and care for your cashmere. Our guide will help you maintain the luxurious quality of your cashmere pieces with a process that we hope becomes quite therapeutic.  Consider it a ritual; a small touch of kindness to your favourite piece of cashmere clothing every so often to keep it looking pristine.

Firstly we want you to understand that cashmere, though luxurious and super soft, is also a very durable material; after all it comes from a hardy goat that survives freezing temperatures and stormy wet weather conditions. So, cashmere isn’t as fragile as you think and ours is intended to be worn and enjoyed rather than stored away in lavender mothball filled cupboards. We recommend cleaning your garment only after a few wears. For best results and to prolong the longevity of the garment you should dry clean but of course, hand washing with our step-by-step guide is an option.

Firstly, fill a clean basin with luke warm water, 35°C. The key is the choice of cleaner you choose, which should be proprietary soap or cashmere shampoo. Investing in a specialised fine garment detergent will maintain the sumptuous, sink-into quality of your cashmere pieces. A little goes a long way here; a grape sized amount of soap for each garment you are cleaning should be fine. Turn your garment inside out and submerge it in the water, gently squeezing the suds through it, taking care not to rub but only press the material, otherwise it can lead to an increase in pilling. Spot treat any problem areas with a squirt of neat soap and massage gently with your fingertips. This takes us to the topic of dreaded stains and spills. If you are so unfortunate as to spill your favourite red wine (ours here is a Portuguese Porto), don’t panic. The first is to soak up as much of the spill with a clean napkin as possible, patting the stain to lift the liquid from the fibers. Once this is done, soak the garment in a basin of clean soapy water as soon as you can and follow the steps above. A dry clean may be needed as well to get the stain out completely.

Once cleaned, drain the basin and rinse your garment with cool, clean water until the water runs clear. Ensure that you squeeze and do not twist the garment during this process. Lay the garment on a clean, dry towel. Roll up, pressing with the palms of our hand to squeeze out the excess water.

To dry, lay the sweater flat on a fresh, dry towel and allow it air-dry. Button up cardigans, pull any pockets straight and ensure that sleeves and hems are laid flat to avoid unsightly wrinkles. Avoid the temptation to hang your garment- this can lead to a loss of shape or warping.  Moths love cashmere, particularly any with moisture in the fibers, so ensure they are completely dry before you fold and store it safely; we recommend ziplock bags or the linen pouches we send out MILK Cashmere pieces out to you in. 

The MILK Cashmere collection are wardrobe staples and pieces that are intended to be worn throughout the warmer seasons as well as the cooler ones, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about storing your pieces away. Enjoy them, wear them and experience a small touch of kindness to your every day.

Melanie Costa Leite