Cariaggi Cashmere


: a fine, ultra soft wool, originally that from the Kashmir goat.

What is the secret to our exceptionally soft, luxuriously warm and uniquely coloured cashmere sweaters? We traveled to Cagli, Italy, to find the best yarns in the world, which led us to Cariaggi Lanificio (est. 1958) where cutting-edge technology is combined with generations of Italian craftsmanship and knowledge.

Founded 60 years ago, Aurelio Cariaggi had a vision to forge a fantastically successful pure cashmere wool business, which married beautifully with our principle here of ‘a small touch of kindness’.


Much of the success of the Cariaggi factory comes from the source of the cashmere and the happiness, health and general wellbeing of the goats the wool is combed from. The Carriagi farms are located in the Marche Region, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, close to the enchanting Montefeltro area. A historic region, which in ancient times linked Europe and northern Italy with Rome and the Mediterranean, it is an area of vitality, enjoying some of the best weather Italy has to offer and providing fantastic conditions for cashmere goats to live a full and pleasant life.

They are conditions rarely found and are simply perfect for the humane production of high calibre pure cashmere and the end result is the incredible quality you will find in all of our pieces. We follow how our pieces are created from start to finish.

Bales of raw cashmere fibers, called “flock,” are gathered for processing. Cariaggi selects only the finest fibers from the happiest of goats, which translates to incredibly soft and luxurious pieces.

The colour palette chosen for the collection ranges from soft shades that recall nature, the sky and earth. These are colours that convey serenity, calm and peacefulness.

After the raw cashmere is dyed, it then passes through various machines to ensure the fibers are perfectly blended and then collected onto spools.


The spools are then placed onto a spinning frame, which stretches and twists the yarn simultaneously to create resistance, elasticity and strength. The spun yarn is then collected onto cone-shaped spindles.


The spindles are placed in a spooler and wound, whilst sophisticated electronic sensors inspect the fibers for any imperfections.  This is where cutting edge technology meets traditional Italian craftsmanship.

The pay off, the finest cashmere to create our pieces from; certified to guarantee the authenticity of this amazing material. We are proud to show you our credentials below, so you can shop with confidence that you are buying the most precious and luxurious cashmere. 

Cariaggi Certificate
Melanie Costa Leite