Care Instructions

How to wash your Cashmere garments

Cashmere, though luxurious and super soft, is also a very durable material. We recommend cleaning your garment only after a few wears. For best results and to prolong the longevity of the garment we advise you to dry clean.

Should you choose to hand wash your garment, we recommend to gently wash in lukewarm water (35°C) using proprietary soap or cashmere shampoo.

Gently squeeze the suds through the cashmere; taking care not to rub but only press the material, otherwise it can lead to an increase in pilling.

Rinse the garment in cool clean water, squeezing without twisting. To dry, lay the garment out on a clean towel to remove excess water.

Smooth the garment back into its original shape and allow to dry naturally, over the towel, always laying flat.

Never dry your garment hanging as this can lead to warping and a loss of shape.

Removing Pilling & Bobbles from Cashmere

Pilling is a natural process that happens to cashmere garments and is a characteristic of the fabric. It is most common to appear in areas that are prone to rubbing, such as the side of the torso and the inside of the forearms.

We recommend using a sweater stone or comb. Gently pass through the garment across the pilled area to remove loose fibers.

How to care for your Cashmere

We’re prepared a short video with some tips: